Bespoke Hoarding Designs

We can design your hoarding boards or work with your design company to create a bespoke and striking looking hoarding. Not only do they help sell your development, they inform and look more appealing than standard painted site hoardings. All the hoardings below have been produced to customers own requirements.

Our top quality Aluminum Composite Hoarding Boards are guaranteed and are suitable for projects from 6 months to 5 years. They can be used around the perimeter of construction sites as well as within Shopping Centres to attract and inform passers-by of forthcoming shop openings. Hoarding Boards are an extremely versatile and economical solution to both improve the overall feel for an area, and promote/advertise.

We can work with most industry standard graphics file types including EPS, JPG, AI and PDF. As a rule of thumb we advise producing bitmap images at QUARTER SIZE and with a resolution of 300DPI. In general this gives a decent quality print and maintains a manageable file size. Certain images however are better at a higher resolution and if you are unsure our design team will always cast an expert eye over your artwork and advise accordingly.

We always advise undertaking a Site Survey after the erection of the timber hoarding fence and prior to commencing the design process. We are able to carry out this for you if you wish and would be pleased to quote you. When we do a Site survey we measure the existing timber fence noting the position of every single timber board and its level. Then we produce a wire-frame Vector Graphic File which can be used to compile the finished design upon.

By utilising aluminium footer boards this often enables us to create a new and straight top to a long run of boards when the ground is not level. More details of this are available when you enquire.

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